Enter the BOWA Works contract builder

Imagine a large selection of up-to-date and easy to use contract templates at the tip of your fingertips, proofreading your documents through a lawyer before signing, and having your contracts in proper order in a digital archive.

The BOWA Works Contract Builder is a diverse online service created and audited by lawyers that contains hundreds of easily modifiable document templates which you can easily edit with a few clicks to suit your own needs. By purchasing our contract builder you’ll also get assistance from a lawyer familiar with your company such as for a final inspection of your contract text if separately required.

You can conveniently upload your own documents to the service and collect e-signatures quickly from other parties. You’ll find contracts both in Finnish and English in our contract builder. Our document templates are always up to date since they are being updated regularly as the legislation changes.

Benefits of the contract builder:

Up to date documents

Less legal risk.

A large selection of templates

No building contracts from scratch.

Online archive

Easy accessibility while saving space.

Electronic signature

No printing, scanning, or mailing documents.

The lawyer is one quick message away

A unique and affordable addition to your bundle.

Easy to use

Get a finished document with just a few clicks.

Who is it for?

We recommend the BOWA Works Contract Builder for all companies and other organisations that need legally sound document templates for their work. It suits individual entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, other entities, and public sector organisations.

Our selection is very comprehensive and our bundle is very affordable! You will gain access to understandable and transparent document templates that you can easily edit to match your own needs.

You will get access to:
  • Subcontract agreements
  • Transcripts, memos, and other conference documents
  • Privacy policies
  • Contracts and certifications of employment
  • Contracts of sale
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Powers of attorney
  • Various other documents

Using the contract builder is easy!

Create agreements quickly with ease:
  1. Pick a suitable template
  2. Start creating the agreement
  3. Choose the specific matters and requirements
  4. Follow the guidance to create the agreement
  5. Optionally move the contract to Microsoft Word or send it
  6. Change the final agreement to a pdf format and send it to be signed using the SopimusSign service.


You’ll get access to the BOWA Contract Builder monthly for 109 € + VAT. For an affordable price, the Contract builder can also be attached to our larger monthly bundles, which offer services like legal advice based on the needs of your company.

The BOWA Contract builder is easy to use. It’s also safer than using your own old contract templates, since it’s often hard to keep up precisely with the changes in legislation. When there is less awkward paperwork, you’ll save precious time for the essential part: running your business.


The automatic digital archiving system in the BOWA Works Contract Builder assists the daily routine of any company tremendously. The contracts are stored in a protected digital archive that is always accessible, even on the go.

The archive also helps you with document stress as it can also function as a reminder system for updating the agreements and other important deadlines related to the company documents.

You can inspect the document editing history through the archive. A signed document can never be altered so the service is extremely reliable.

You can also easily upload and save contracts and documents created elsewhere into the Contract builder archive.


There is no longer a need to print, scan or mail contracts to get everyone’s signatures! The e-signature is as legally valid and legitimate as a traditional paper signature.

You can conveniently send a signature request to others by using the BOWA Works Contract builder either through email or SMS.

The signers don’t need to be registered users of our Contract builder. When the signatures have been collected, every party will be notified of the completed document.


In addition to the BOWA professional services, the monthly payment includes:

    • Unlimited amount of users
    • E-signatures 20 x / month
      • Additional signatures for an additional price of 0,99 € / document for easy authentication and 1,00 € / document for strong authentication
      • Signature invites by SMS for 0,14 € per invite
    • Archive and document management in the cloud
    • English contract templates
    • Document exporting to Word
    • Unlimited amount of documents per year
    • Information services for a small additional fee, for instance for companies:
      • Excerpt from the commercial register for 2,50 €, credit reference of a company for 4,95 €, authorized signatory for 2,50 € (prices do not contain VAT)
    • Document specific guidance
    • Creating documents for other actors
    • Mobile application (Android/iOS)
    • Transferring documents created elsewhere to the archive
    • Additional services include e.g. coding of proprietary document contents, group signatures, Contract builder for API program interfaces, SopimusSign API for e-Signatures

We assist companies in all their financial and legal matters.

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Paula Bock

The entrepreneurial Paula is often readily available to clients in helping them with tax and other legal matters. Paula handles her tasks with a swift and in-depth touch with a focus on perfection. During her free time Paula is often spotted sailing or horse riding.

Paula has several years’ worth of experience working in various attorney’s offices and law firms and she specialized in taxation in her studies. During her career she has also garnered experience in other fields such as labour law, commercial agreements, and insolvency law. The determined Paula has studied taxation internationally in both Sweden and Australia and has passed the Finnish Bar exam and the mediator training module organised by the Finnish Bar Association. She is a licensed legal counsel.

Paula is a Master of Laws (Finnish OTM, University of Helsinki), and an LL.M (University of Melbourne).

Matias Isotalo

Matias is a business-focused lawyer, who strives to reach the best, most efficient and financially viable solution for the client. First and foremost, Matias helps the clients with questions related to disputes, trials, and contract law. Matias spends nearly all his time golfing during the summer.

Matias has several years of experience successfully representing his clients in court. He has also taken responsibility for planning and creating comprehensive sets of contractual agreements.  He has worked his entire career in the field of advocacy, carrying out his commissions independently. Matias has passed the Finnish Bar exam and is a licensed legal counsel.

Matias is a Master of Laws (Finnish OTM, University of Lapland).

Matti Vansén

As an entrepreneur Matti knows how much well-timed and appropriate support matters.  He gladly assists clients in overcoming various challenges and in solving problems. In his free time Matti likes to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and NO-GI sport grappling.

Matti is a versatile expert in both law and finance and has profound knowledge of start-ups in particular. For years, he has worked as both an entrepreneur and an employee in various companies and has been an advisor both in legal and financial matters. Matti’s expertise focuses on company law, crowdfunding, other financial affairs, and corporate transactions.

Matti is the Country Head of the Finnish branch of the crowdfunding investment company EstateGuru. The Finnish branch was established in Fall 2020.

Matti is a Master of Laws (Finnish OTM) and a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (Hanken School of Economics).

Valtteri Gundersby


Ella Kyntäjä

Ella works at BOWA as a lawyer-to-be Junior Associate with a keen interest in company law. At BOWA she acts as a helping hand for the lawyers in commissions and handles the administrative tasks of the office while also managing client relations.

Outside of work Ella loves to exercise and go on walks with her dog Mosse.

Ella graduated recently with a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (University of Vaasa) and is studying for her Master of Laws degree at the University of Helsinki.

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