Monthly bundles

Are you only at the planning stage of establishing your company or perhaps already an experienced long-time entrepreneur? Are your administrative matters and agreements in order and stored where you can find them?

We at BOWA want that your accountant isn’t your only lifeline with company paperwork, but that you would have an accessible expert familiar with both your legal and financial matters for a transparent price. Our monthly bundles are designed with long-term co-operation in mind. When we familiarise ourselves with your company from the beginning of our joint co-operation, you can turn to us for assistance in any company matter or personal issue at any given time.

Below you’ll find our monthly bundles available in various sizes so you can easily choose the service that matches the needs of your company. You can use the legal and financial services as you best see fit – therefore you do not need to select a specific lawyer or financial officer, but instead you may use both services whenever necessary!

Why would you choose a BOWA monthly bundle when you can pay a traditional law firm for legal services billed by the hour?


Every individual case wastes money.

Our job is to know your business throughout so there will be no costs for conventional research into every new assignment. Our hourly prices are extremely cost-effective – our costs are not used to pay off opulent office quarters or lobster dinners. The quality of our work and knowledge are principles that we never compromise.


Projections and growth – let’s rock!

Lawyers and financial officers are most often consulted after the milk has already been spilled – this is when investigative work is a big slice of the invoice grand total. Airtight agreements carefully planned in advance and well-designed financial planning prevent many issues and create a base for safe growth. BOWA’s services are not an expense, but an investment for the future as prevention for massive disasters.


Supporting the entrepreneur no matter the circumstance.

Entrepreneurship is often lonely work. Our task is not to observe, but to support and protect you on the road to growth – having experienced it ourselves, we have a burning passion to help other start-up entrepreneurs grow as well!

BOWA Works

BOWA Works is designed for companies that needs a diverse library of contracts and a contract builder for independent use to support them in their legal and financial matters. If you're already a user, please log in here.


BOWA Fast Track

The BOWA Fast Track bundle suits companies that need the services of a lawyer or financial officer to be one phone call away even at a short notice without specific appointment.

At the start of the agreement, we familiarise ourselves with your business if necessary, so that we may serve you in the future in the best way possible even at a moment’s notice.


BOWA On Call

The BOWA On Call bundle fits small and medium-size enterprises best that want to comprehensively utilise monthly professional assistance in both financial and legal matters! You will reach us easily and flexibly with whatever and whenever!


BOWA In House

The BOWA IN HOUSE bundle ensures continuous support in legal and financial matters for instance when preparing for new regional expansion or business growth.

When we are familiar with your business and its history, you can call us whenever and you’ll get the answer to your question quicker. Help is always available both in matters requiring legal and financial expertise and you’ll know beforehand what it will cost.


BOWA Legal Department

Our most robust bundle is like your own legal and financial branch, for the price of one part-time assistant. The bundle is tailored to your specific needs and the size of your company.


Our bundles do not include:

  • Matters relating to litigation or arbitration

  • Official fees and other expenses

  • Travel fees

Fringe benefits

  • We offer legal services in personal legal matters for a discounted hourly price for the employees of monthly bundle clients.

Hourly rate

  • Our hourly rate is 250 €/h + VAT based on our price list.

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