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A solution-oriented and approachable
law firm in Helsinki

A solution-oriented law firm in Helsinki

BOWA is a solution-oriented and approachable law firm in the centre of Helsinki. We understand both finance and law, which is why commercial law is our forte. Lawyers at BOWA are your partners in developing your business’.

In business we see the big picture – our lawyers know that by combining finance and law, legal services are smarter and the results top-tier. 1+1=3.

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A solution-oriented law firm in Helsinki.


A lawyer familiarized with your business and keen on finances helps you solve even the most frustrating problems – and more importantly – to avoid them in the future. We offer professional and results-driven services to our clients. In addition to traditional hourly rates, we offer cost-efficient monthly legal services for our business clients. Having a lawyer on speed dial is a guarantee for success!

Our expertise

Dispute Resolution

BOWA's lawyers have years of experience in dispute resolution. We help our clients to reach an agreement and when negotiations go awry, we assist in court proceedings and arbitration processes.

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Unsure about questions related to taxation? Do you want to optimize your taxes or file for an advanced ruling? BOWA's lawyers help you in tax planning and processes such appealing an decision of the Tax Authorities.

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Our company is specialized in corporate law and we handle all business contract matters professionally and efficiently. We will provide you with all necessary business contracts with a reasonable price.

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Corporate Law

BOWA is specialized in corporate law. We work with professionalism as company advisors, draft company documents and assist in court proceedings concerning corporate law matters as well as in arbitration proceedings.

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A results-driven law firm in Helsinki.

Why do clients choose bowa?

Our lawyers have extensive experience on corporate law and taxation.  Our specialty is combining law and finance – we help you make choices that are both financially sound and legally valid.

Our lawyers are easy to approach and they speak law without the legalese. With BOWA you can understand what is really going on. You can call us, email us and reach us via WhatsApp. You are always welcome to our office at Pieni Roobertinkatu 11, Helsinki!

Our lawyers

Paula Bock

Managing Partner

• Tax • Litigation and Arbitration • Equine law •

Lakimies Matti Vansén

Matti Vansén


• Finance • Corporate law • Fintech •

BOWA:n osakas ja lakimies Matias Isotalo

Matias Isotalo


• Litigation and Arbitration • Corporate law • Contract law •

Lakimies Valtteri Gundersby BOWA Legal Oy

Valtteri Gundersby

Legal Counsel

• Tax • Corporate law • Equine law •

What are our clients saying about us?

I got the most competent and expert service for my legal issue at BOWA Legal, and I can warmly recommend its services to anyone. This is a rare case of an extraordinarily impressively dedicated legal firm that investigates the situations of its clients with piety and strives to find the best possible solution for the matter at hand.

Doing business with Matti and Paula was on all accounts very friendly, clear and straightforward (originally in Finnish).

Juha Peltonen

entrepreneur, CEO

We used a part of our innovation voucher budget for the legal aspect of our strategy for global expansion. The best part about our cooperation was that our needs were carefully answered, and the entire cooperation was based on the premise of how we could get the most value out of our budget. I think BOWA even got another client from our recommendation – this seems to be the best way to demonstrate that we were genuinely happy with the service (originally in Finnish).

Jakoa Enterprise

We were content. Small firms like this BOWA here are especially better in regard to that you’re given carefully taken care of as a client, even though as a client you represent a smaller firm (originally in Finnish).

Nico Hötti

The legal matters of the business are handled in a way that even the client understands what’s going on. A special thanks for the transparent billing (originally in Finnish).

Patrik Heino

Markkinointi Uikkanen Oy

Paula is extremely competent. I recommend her unconditionally (originally in Finnish).

Jyri Kytöharju


Very professional and friendly service. You can always reach Matti, something which is usually rare for lawyers. My recommendations (originally in Finnish).

Jaakko Jääskelä

Thank you also for helping me with my case, without your help the situation would be way different. If I ever need [a lawyer], I know who to call (originally in Finnish).



I was very satisfied with the service at BOWA Legal and with the qualified and competent advice. The employees of this firm are very dedicated and polite people, and I can warmly recommend their competency! (originally in Finnish)

Private client in an employment law matter


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