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Our dispute resolution services provide efficient and effective solutions for resolving disputes of all types. We provide expert guidance and representation that resolves disputes efficiently and helps you achieve a fair and satisfactory outcome in a timely manner.

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We help in disputes

Dispute resolution. A dispute can often be solved through negotiations, mediation, in courts, or in arbitration. Differences are often settled by negotiating or at least by avoiding a trial. In dispute resolution, we consider the business and situation of the client in its entirety and find the most sensible outcome for our client. It is greatly recommended to solve a dispute without involving the courts as this can save a tremendous amount of fees often generated by the trial process.

We handle our dispute cases with professional care with years of experience both in and outside courts right from the beginning of a dispute. Our clients are private individuals, housing companies as well as businesses from small-scale entrepreneurs to big international firms.

Prevention of disputes and negotiations

It is possible to prevent disputes by using contracts. However, even a well-made agreement cannot always prevent disagreement. A dispute can also form between other parties than those mentioned in the contract.

It is crucial to get in touch with a lawyer at the start of a dispute, when it still is possible to avoid the dispute from becoming more complex and to even avoid a trial.

Mediation of a dispute

It is also possible to settle a dispute without going to court. Mediation can take place in court in a process known as court-annexed mediation. In court mediation, the mediator is a judge. Mediation can be initiated by the parties, but also at the initiative of the judge hearing the case. Court mediation is a more informal, flexible, quicker and cheaper way of resolving a dispute than litigation. If a settlement is reached, a settlement agreement is drawn up, which can be confirmed by the court.

It is always wise to involve a lawyer in the mediation process so that you know what kind of settlement and terms are optimal for you.

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Dispute trial

The dispute is initiated when the plaintiff files a summons with the district court. In the application for a writ of summons, the plaintiff puts forward their claim. It is always smart to draft the statement of claim thoroughly. A well-drafted application for a writ of summons will improve the chances of success. The statement of claim must contain certain information. It is always a good idea to have the application handled by a lawyer specialising in dispute resolution.

The plaintiff’s opponent is called the defendant. The defendant is asked to respond to the claim, i.e. the claims made by the plaintiff in the application for a summons. The statement of claim and the response to it give the court a picture of the substance of the dispute. It is therefore important that the response to the claim is also carefully drafted and reasoned. In addition, the response must be submitted to the district court within the time limit. We have years of experience in assisting both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation.

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Arbitration is an alternative to the ordinary courts, i.e. the district court, court of appeal and supreme court. It is a quicker way to reach a solution than the ordinary courts. In addition, the decision resulting from arbitration is not public and cannot be appealed.

Arbitration can be agreed at the outset of a dispute, but in most cases it is already set out in the contract between the parties.

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Frequently asked questions about dispute resolution

How much does going to court cost?

It’s challenging to put an average cost for a legal process. Various factors such as the nature of the case, its complexity, the fees of witnesses and experts and the compensation paid out to the lawyer all affect the price. Generally, going to court for a dispute costs at least 10 000 euros in Finland.

I got a writ of summons to go to court. What should I do?

Immediately contact a competent dispute lawyer. If you do not respond to the writ of summons, the process turns into a default judgment. This often means that all claims made by the applicant will be automatically accepted by the court.

Our dispute resolution lawyer Matias Isotalo has years of experience in solving disputes. Thorough analysis, transparent communication and robust expertise make Matias a trusty representative in every dispute no matter the subject.

Have you received a writ of summons in post and don’t know what to do? Book a free 30 minute consultation with Matias below.

What is arbitration?

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), often designated for medium-sized and larger business disputes. This way, the dispute can be settled on a quicker schedule through a private process, and the specialists in the relevant industries or subjects can be included as arbitrators in the process.

Should I settle my dispute?

It is always worth it to try to settle your dispute. In mediation, you can influence the end result whereas in a court process the sentence is “given”. Regardless of its type, mediation is practically always quicker, cheaper and more flexible than going to court.

Mediation offers much freedom in settling your dispute, because you can agree on matters such as apologies and promises to act a certain way. The biggest challenge in mediation is that it requires the continuous consent of both parties. 

"What to do in a dispute?"

“It is often preferable to try to reach a settlement. The longer the dispute goes on, the bigger the legal fees become. At worst, a dispute that drags on for years is both costly and emotionally draining.

We recommend you to contact a qualified lawyer early on, who understands the facts and the background to the dispute. This can save a tremendous amount of costs, mental resources and even avoid costly litigation.

Qualified litigators observe, listen to the client’s needs and don’t hesitate in giving their objective account of the case”.

Matias Isotalo
Dispute Resolution
Partner, BOWA Legal

BOWA:n osakas Matias Isotalo tauolla Helsingin Käräjäoikeudessa. Matias Isotalon erikoisosaamiseen kuuluu esimerkiksi riidanratkaisu, yhtiöoikeus ja erityisesti sopimusoikeus ja laaja liiketoiminnallinen osaaminen.
BOWA:n osakas ja lakimies Matias Isotalo

Matias Isotalo

Matias is a business-focused lawyer, who strives to reach the best, most efficient and financially viable solution for the client. First and foremost, Matias helps the clients with questions related to disputes, trials, and contract law. Matias spends nearly all his time golfing during the summer.

Matias has several years of experience successfully representing his clients in court. He has also taken responsibility for planning and creating comprehensive sets of contractual agreements.  He has worked his entire career in the field of advocacy, carrying out his commissions independently. Matias has passed the Finnish Bar exam and is a licensed legal counsel.

Matias is a Master of Laws (Finnish OTM, University of Lapland) and Licensed Legal Counsel.

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