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Our monthly bundles are designed primarily for corporate customers, but we also gladly provide assistance with both legal and financial matters for private clients.

We assist with individual voluntary arrangements, tax planning, family and inheritance law documents as well as legal proceedings. In addition to this we provide help with personal matters related to employment and entrepreneurship. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our lawyer Paula Bock has passed the Finnish bar exam and the two-part mediator training both held by the Finnish Bar Association. She is also a licensed legal counsel.


Sometimes situations arise when personal legal assistance is needed in the working life. However, occasionally anticipation is also needed e.g., in taxation or contracts related to the working life.

BOWA provides assistance matters such as:

  • Taxation and tax planning of entrepreneurs and shareholders
  • Consultation related to contracts of employment and illegal termination of employment
  • Personal responsibility in matters related to the company, e.g., criminal charges such as false accounting or recovery of assets to the bankruptcy estate
    • By including a lawyer at the preliminary stages of suspicions of criminal activity is always advantageous. We gladly help with both interrogations and trial proceedings in criminal matters.

Could you benefit from tax and finance planning? Are you aware about how much you should take out as salary and how much as capital income from your company? Our experts help you with tax optimisation.

We assist with matters such as:

  • Optimisation of shareholder salary and capital income
  • Other taxation and tax planning of private individuals
  • Taxes and tax planning related to inheritance

Private debt restructuring

Paula has extensive experience in private debt restructuring in addition to company bankruptcies. Through a debt adjustment, a private individual or small entrepreneur can fix their financial matters within 3-5 years. Contact us and we will jointly find out your eligibility for initiating debt adjustment proceedings.


Sometimes you the services of a lawyer when dealing with matters of the family. BOWA can provide you with professional help related to the following:

  • Premarital agreements
  • Declarations of estate
  • Taxes related to inheritance
  • Custody of children, child support, and mediation in custody matters

Especially in agreement matters, a lawyer is best consulted before the signing of the documents to avoid possible problems and disputes in advance.

Tell us about your situation, and we’ll figure out together how BOWA could help you with your matter going forward. We’re efficient, knowledgeable, and unconditionally trustworthy. Our service is always individual, and we consider every unique feature and detail of a case.

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