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We serve companies in all financial and legal matters. We are specialized in results-driven corporate law and we get to know our clients’ business as a whole. Easily approachable lawyers guarantee cost-efficient legal services for businesses. 

Would I make a good client?

BOWA serves companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes. Our services are customizable based on the size and needs of your company. Because law is meant to serve business and not hinder it, we want to offer our services cost-efficiently.

Our clients consist of individual enterprises, limited partnerships, limited liability companies consisting of a few partners and massive global businesses. If accessibility, predictability and strong loyalty are important to you, you make a great match as a client for BOWA.

How can BOWA help me?

BOWA offers services for companies in different areas of law. The daily matters of our customers relate, for instance, to contract law, such as shareholders’ agreements or employment agreements. After the pandemic, the difficult economic climate has lead to questions concerning financing as well as questions on employment. In addition to this, we help in taxation and M&A.  Our focus is on the business of the client in all our legal work.

We focus on anticipation and prevention in all of our operations and thus we aim to make sure that our legal services are available continuously before problems arise – if necessary, we do also assist our clients in dispute resolution.

Our monthly bundles

In addition to individual assignments, we serve our clients as an outsourced legal branch. We focus on prediction in all of our activities and strive that our services are available and used before any problems arise. Because a reliable lawyer is more useful than a good accountant, we’ve tailored various monthly bundles for companies of different sizes and purposes.

When we know your company well right from the get-go, you can turn to us at any point regarding any business matter or even personal legal matters quickly and cost-efficiently. Our goal is to build long-term cooperation, so knowing our clients and their business is an advantage that benefits us both.

We at BOWA want, that you have access to a results-driven financially and legally competent professional for a predictable price.

Other legal service bundles

Establishing a company bundles

We take care of all agreements and notifications related to establishing a Finnish business.

Due Diligence bundle

A diverse mapping and risk analysis of the status of a company.

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