Company tax, finance, financing and daily company law – let BOWA take care of it all! We assist both new entrepreneurs and bigger international corporations. If you are just starting out and getting your business started, see more on starting a business here

Are you selling or buying a company? Has your company progressed to the stage that you’re considering external investors? Read more about our Due Diligence -services.

BOWA works with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes. Our services work so well because we tailor them based on the size and needs of our client, so that you get what you need. Because law is supposed to serve a supporting role alongside business and not hinder it, we want to offer our services at a cost efficient rate.

Our clients consist of individual enterprises, general partners of collectives or limited partnerships, small and medium-size limited liability companies and global corporations with a turnover of tens of millions of euros. If accessibility, predictability and strong trust are important to you, your company and you will be a great match for us. 

In addition to companies, we also provide services for private individuals. 

BOWA offers a diverse selection of different legal services. Our assignments mostly consist of different legal matters of businesses. Our clients’ daily matters are often related to contracts, such as cooperation agreements and subcontracts, or shareholders agreements and employment contracts.

The pandemic has caused difficulties with global economies, which has lead to questions about finance and temporary lay-offs and terminations. In addition to these, we help with tax optimisation and mergers and acquisitions. Our core focus in all of our work is the business of our client. We put heavy emphasis on anticipation, which is why we strive to guarantee that legal services are accessible to the company before any problems arise – we also help with dispute resolution in case issues arise. 

We at BOWA want that your accountant isn’t your only lifeline with the company paperwork. You deserve to have an expert easily at hand, acquainted with both legal and financial knowledge to help you for a predictable price. We also offer monthly bundles designed with long-term co-operation in mind. When we familiarise ourselves with your company from the get go of our relationship, you can turn to us for assistance in any company matter at any given time.

BOWA Works

BOWA Works is designed for companies that need a comprehensive agreement library and a contract builder for their legal and financial matters. BOWA Works is designed with an autonomous user experience in mind. If you’re already a client, please log in here.

BOWA On Call

The BOWA On Call bundle suits companies that need legal services to some degree concerning business law in addition to a digital agreement library. We are also available through a chat connection.

BOWA In House

The BOWA In House bundle guarantees consistent support in legal and financial matters on top of the contents included in the above-mentioned bundles.

BOWA Legal Department

The BOWA Legal Department is our toughest assortment: it is like your company’s own external legal and financial branch. The bundle is tailored to your needs and to the size of your company.

Why would you choose a BOWA monthly bundle when you can pay a traditional law firm for legal services billed by the hour?


Every individual case wastes money.

Our job is to know your business throughout so there will be no costs for conventional research into every new assignment. Our hourly prices are extremely cost-effective – our costs are not used to pay off opulent office quarters or lobster dinners. The quality of our work and knowledge are principles that we never compromise.


Projections and growth – let’s rock!

Lawyers and financial officers are most often consulted after the milk has already been spilled – this is when investigative work is a big slice of the invoice grand total. Airtight agreements carefully planned in advance and well-designed financial planning prevent many issues and create a base for safe growth. BOWA’s services are not an expense, but an investment for the future as prevention for massive disasters.


Supporting the entrepreneur no matter the circumstance.

Entrepreneurship is often lonely work. Our task is not to observe, but to support and protect you on the road to growth – having experienced it ourselves, we have a burning passion to help other start-up entrepreneurs grow as well!

Other bundles

Business launch bundles

We handle all agreements and notifications related to establishing a company for you.

Due Diligence bundle

A comprehensive analysis of the legal status of the company and risk analysis.

Our bundles do not include

  • Matters relating to litigation or arbitration

  • Official fees and other expenses

  • Travel fees

Fringe benefits

  • We offer legal services in personal legal matters for a discounted hourly price for the employees of monthly bundle clients.

Our hourly rate

  • Our hourly rate is 250 €/h + VAT based on our price list.

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