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Lawyers at BOWA are your dedicated legal and financial partners that inspect your company’s legal issues with an in-depth business perspective. We offer professional and above all understandable services – we aim to build a flexible and profound connection with our clients. It is extremely important to us, that we know and understand your business to advise in day-to-day business and to predict events where financial and legal expertise is needed.

Our billing models are transparent – will never have to guess or estimate the amount of the next invoice. By combining law and business, processes become smarter, and the results excel. Read more about the various services we offer here!

Lawyer in Helsinki

We are lawyers specialized in different branches of corporate law. A BOWA lawyer only does what they can competently do. We provide you with a reliable and capable lawyer that doesn’t make your head spin with legal jargon.

We think it’s better to specialize than to be a jack of all trades. Because of this, each one of our lawyers has a branch of law they are specialized in. We believe that this focus creates better capabilities and enable us to better assist our clients. Our lawyers also have a strong understanding of business and finance which allows us to see the big picture in our clients’ business.

Here you can read more about our capable staff that consists not only of lawyers but also economists and law students.

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Lawyers and the team


Paula Bock

M. partner
OTM, LL.M., lic. legal counsel

• Tax • Corporate law • Equine law •

Lakimies Matti Vansén

Matti Vansén

LL.M., MSc.

• Finance • Corporate law • Fintech •

BOWA:n osakas ja lakimies Matias Isotalo

Matias Isotalo

LL.M., Licensed Legal Counsel

• Litigation and Arbitration • Corporate law • Contract law

Wondering why to hire a lawyer? What is the difference between a lawyer and an attorney How much does hiring a lawyer in Finland cost? Are you uncertain what a lawyer can do for you and your business?

Book a free consultation and you’ll figure out what BOWA’s lawyers can do for you and for what price!

Legal Counsels

Lakimies Valtteri Gundersby BOWA Legal Oy

Valtteri Gundersby

Legal Counsel

• Tax • Corporate law • Equine law •

Emmi Väisänen

Emmi Väisänen

Legal Counsel

• Criminal law • Employment law •


Ella Kyntäjä

Associate trainee
Msc., law student

• Economics • Corporate law •

Legal Trainees

Myrsky Arikoski

Legal Trainee
Law student

• Contract law • Corporate law •

An experienced lawyer

Our lawyers have years of experience from diverse legal assignments. Our clients include both startups as well as global companies with tens of millions of turnover. BOWA has already helped over 500 clients in their legal matters. The majority of our clients return to us with new matters later, so we are proud of our clients’ satisfaction. 

In addition to law, our lawyers understand finance. We will provide you with an experienced and approachable lawyer for various assignments related to corporate law. You can read more about our services here.

We find legal solutions for your company – not issues.

Jäikö kysyttävää lakiasioista? Jätä yhteystietosi niin asiantuntijamme ottaa sinuun yhteyttä mahdollisimman pian. 

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