The BFO bundle

An outsourced and experienced chief financial officer (CFO) equips the company with reliable processes and techniques for financial planning and reporting and assists the owners or the board of directors in financial matters on an as-needed basis.

A professional with experience in several industries who observes the company from an external perspective often notices issues that need improvement, bringing in clear and transparent procedures, information that supports decision making, and a platform to build success.

If your company is thinking about hiring a CFO, but a full-time CFO would be too costly, an outsourced chief financial officer is the perfect solution! An outsourced CFO doesn’t bring additional costs, and you only pay for what you’ve ordered.

The BOWA Financial Officer (BFO) bundle suits companies of all sizes. The BFO bundle can be as compact as 2 hours per month or even several working days – tailored to match your needs precisely!

What does it involve?

Through co-operation we can offer various services more diversely than before, such as:

For instance, the contents of the bundle can be 6 hours per month and include:
  • Researching the company and its functions and finances, 2 hours of time allocated per month
  • Monthly tracking and commenting of accounting and finances, 2 hours allocated per month
  • Tax optimisation / consultation, 2 hours allocated per month
  • Analysis of the company operations, financial situation and discussion related to business objectives and reaching them, 2 hours allocated per month
Example price 1020 € / month + VAT

Extra hours for  200 €/h + VAT – usable for either legal or financial services on an as-needed basis.


The Advisory Board assists with short-term or long-term development needs for a company that is in the state of transition, with the members bringing extensive and factual expertise from their own fields.

The Advisory Board is a functional tool for when a company needs specific knowledge and skill in situations such as in acquiring financing, expanding internationally, or for general growth.

Unlike the board of directors, the Advisory Board is not a legal body. It can be organised with more liberty and can consist of several experts based on the needs of the company.

BOWA and Turanco also offer solutions for a comprehensive financial and business development role for companies of various fields. Why wouldn’t you get all your legal and financial expertise from one source?

Our bundles do not include:

  • Matters relating to litigation or arbitration

  • Official fees and other expenses

  • Travel fees

Fringe benefits

  • We offer legal services in personal legal matters for a discounted hourly price for the employees of monthly bundle clients.

Our hourly rate

  • Our hourly rate is 250 €/h + VAT based on our price list.

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